Huber Workhorse MG-3 Deluxe


The Workhorse MG-3 Deluxe has all the powerful features of the Workhorse line with luxurious accents that create a rich custom look. We are proud to say this banjo is built in our shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The Workhorse MG-3 Deluxe features a mahogany neck, creating the sweet, warm tone which defines the bluegrass sound. Two white/black/white concentric rings in the mahogany resonator contribute to the vintage vibe of this model.

The 844 tone ring used in every Workhorse is poured at the same foundry as our HR-30 ring and machined right here in the shop to the same pre-war specifications as all of our tone rings. The banjo has a classic 1930’s look (because we love pre-war banjos) with a double-cut peghead and our 1941 “leaves & bows” inlay pattern. The satin nitro-cellulose lacquer finish with natural mahogany stain creates a great look and feel.

Gold-plated parts with engraving on the tension hoop, armrest and tailpiece set this banjo apart from all others in this price range.

Now, the Workhorse provides an entry-level, professional-grade instrument that could become a lifetime banjo for our customers.


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