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The Huber/Remo 11 inch medium crown banjo head delivers tone, volume and clarity. 

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During the 1970s, Remo was forced to modify the frosting that was applied to their heads in order to comply with evolving new environmental regulations. The resulting process applied a frosting that was thinner than before and serious and studious pickers were convinced that these new heads sounded differently as well.


Steve made arrangements with the company to manufacture a head for Huber with a slightly (.001″) thicker frosting. This new Huber/Remo head is very close to the older Remos that have been prized by banjo set up pros and aficionados.


These Huber/Remo heads are only available in a medium crown.


In most cases, the medium crown is recommended for flathead banjos as a high crown can bottom out in the neck cavity before reaching the desired tension. Medium crown heads are installed on all new Huber Banjos.

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