Huber Lexington Truetone

Yesterday was a fun day! Met with Steve Huber of Huber Banjo Co. in Hendersonville, TN, to take delivery of my new Huber Custom Lexington, set up to my specific preferences (I chose to go with antique nickel rather than gold hardware and Steve dialed in the perfect action for my style of picking). Steve is a delight to work with, is a consummate craftsman, a great banjo picker as well as builder, and just an all-around super guy. Thanks, Steve, for meeting me on a Saturday and spending the hours to make sure everything was perfect. Thanks also for listening to me play and giving me some very valuable tips on how to play and maintain a quality banjo like this one. This is one BEAUTIFUL piece of work – in looks, sound, and playability!

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful Lexington Banjo. WOW !! is the only thing I can come up with!! The fit and finish and quality speaks for itself.

I have owned several top end banjos over the years, but the sound and quality put in this Banjo is head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever had in my hands.

For anyone looking to purchase a fist class banjo that has an unbelievable sound package, look no further, The smooth separation of notes as well as the ability to bring the house down is effortless! This thing does it all..

I cannot thank Huber Banjo and Staff enough for the outstanding instrument you have provided me.

Customer for Life!

Jerry Owenby
Asheville, NC

Huber Kalamazoo Truetone

I purchased my Kalamazoo a year and a half ago. It had a great sound right out of the box. It is even and true all the way up the neck. It has surprised a lot of people that it was a new banjo. The workmanship is absolutely flawless. In my opinion, Steve and his team have reached their goal of capturing the old Gibson sound.

I purchased my Kalamazoo a year and a half ago. It had a great sound right out of the box. The workmanship Is absolutely flawless. It has great tone all the way up the neck. It has surprised a lot of people that it is a new banjo. In my opinion, Steve and his team have reached their goal in capturing the old Gibson sound.

I first purchased a Kalamazoo with the Vintage ring and later upgraded to a TruTone rim/ring (actually the rim and ring were prototypes at the time before the TT name was used). I very much liked the tone of the Vintage ring, but when I got the TT rim/ring, I noted a tremendous increase in presence (i.e., there was a lot more sound and it was great). The workmanship is top-notch as well as the sound. This banjo is the gold standard by which I judge other banjos.

I got my Kalamazoo originally with the Vintage ring and wreath-style neck over 10 years ago. I had Steve install the HR-30 tone ring and engineered rim at the point when they were first ready as production versions. I really liked this banjo when I first got it; the tone was crisp and clear and it played well. Installation of the HR-30 ring and engineered rim provided subtle changes to the tone that added a fullness and depth that made it sound even better. I love the speed neck on this banjo; it really enhances playability. I have played a lot of banjos in my lifetime, and I believe that this Kalamazoo banjo can hold its own with any of them. Steve has really gotten as close to the pre-war Gibson sound as anyone, and I highly recommend the Kalamazoo or any of the banjos he builds.

Huber Roanoke Truetone

Steve built me a custom Roanoke based banjo with Lexington engraving and gold plating. I wanted the wreath inlays, ebony radiused fingerboard, speed neck, and fiddle cut peghead. This banjo is hands down the best sounding and playing banjo I have ever played. Everyone that has played it has said the same thing. Can’t beat a Huber.

Huber Lancaster Truetone

To last a lifetime!

I own and play a Huber – Lancaster weekly in front of an audience and I absolutely love it. It is a quality professional instrument that will last my lifetime. The playability and tone are second to none. The humble appearance emphasizes sound as opposed to glitz. I recommend Huber quality to all those who are serious about playing a banjo.

I have a Lancaster SN. 901-4 which is like an old friend now. I upgraded it 8 or 9 years ago with an HR-30 tone ring. Other than initial tightening of the head and one fret job, it has never needed any attention. I just play it with a big grin! I wouldn’t part with this banjo EVER!

Huber VRB-G Truetone

I’ve been playing my new VRB-G about three months now and the tone is already absolutely amazing. I feel it already has a bit more “settling in” to go yet, but already the sound and tone is as already near to an original pre war Gibson as I would think it’s possible to get from a modern banjo.

It has a fantastic action straight out of the case, and the craftsmanship and finish on it is also second to none, and it’s just beautiful to look at.

Buying the VRB-G I don’t think anyone would be disappointed. One fantastic banjo.

I have purchased two VRB-G’s and the tone and craftsmanship is immaculate. When Steve describes the “classic rich sound”, he is understating the tone. The heavy note sound and pre-war decay is very close to many pre-war banjos I have played. As many know, pre-war Gibsons can vary in tone as well, despite the obvious collector’s interest in ownership. With Steve’s passionate interest in pre-war duplication and manufacture of rims, tone rings, necks, resonators and even custom heads, I would say he exceeds many conversion and pre-war originals and gives the amateur or pro the ability to play a banjo that meets and exceeds many collector’s banjos that can exceed six figures. I could have bought any U.S.A. manufacturer and bought Huber.

I have had my Granada VRB-G TrueTone for three years, I also have a Gibson Earl Scroogs 1996 model. The sound of my Huber VRB_G rings all the way up the neck and allows me to play hard or soft. When the setup is down right there is no other banjo that sounds as good.
If someone asks me what banjo to get – I highly recommend the GRANADA VRB-G! You will enjoy the sound.

Huber Banjos built me a custom VRB-G about 2 years ago. Steve customized the setup to suit my desires and it is without a doubt the best sounding and easiest playing instrument I have ever had in my hands. This includes many vintage banjoes that are for sale at one of the best known vintage instrument dealers in Nashville.

Huber is a true boutique shop and the attention that Steve gives to each banjo that his firm produces is what distinguishes a “Huber” from all of the rest. If you are wanting a banjo that fits your unique playing style and has that original “Pre-War” sound – Don’t hesitate. Give Huber Banjos a call and have them start your build. You will have no regrets.

I bought my VRB-G at the IBMA Trade show in 2015. It is my third Huber banjo, and though I love the other two, the VRB-G is my favorite. The tone is really close to many of the pre-war banjos that I have played; I don’t think any banjo other than the Huber can get so close to the tone of the pre-war Gibsons. Some of the pre-wars that I have played have inconsistencies across the strings. In other words, some have a “big” sounding fourth string but the other strings are not as good. Still others are awesome on the B string for the Foggy Mountain Breakdown lick, but the other strings are not as powerful. The thing I really like about my VRB-G is that its tone is consistent across the strings as well as up and down the neck. The feel of the neck on this banjo really suits my hands too. The quality of materials and workmanship on my VRB-G is excellent, as would be expected on any top quality banjo. Others may imitate the look, but Huber has the look and pre-war tone that a bluegrass player wants. I give the VRB-G my highest recommendation!

I am really enjoying this banjo!  Have hardly put it down since I got home with it.  I had been looking for a couple of years trying to decide on the banjo that I wanted and when I settled on yours I still had some hesitation, afraid that after I spent that much money I might not be completely satisfied. But that’s not the case, in fact if I had the money today I would be on my way to buy a second one!  I especially enjoyed the time you spent talking and playing for Tammy and I!

Thanks for a great banjo!!

Jody Renfroe

Huber VRB-4 Truetone

Last year at SPBGMA I purchased a VRB-4 from Steve. He spent time making sure the setup was correct and was kind enough to compare and contrast the differences with the banjo I had. I could not have been more pleased.

Players know that a walnut banjo has a sweet open and transparent tone and this banjo had that walnut sound so many enjoy in Style-4 pre-war banjos. The chrome plating was just as in the 1930’s and the craftsmanship and fit and finish was excellent. Huber banjos is easily at the top of US domestic production of banjos meant to honor and replicate pre-war banjos before 1945. His production controls and research are extensive and the quality has been exceptional for years. Own a Huber. You will never be disappointed.

I have owned my Huber VRB-4 for 2 1/2 years. Sorry it took so long for this review but have been too busy playing it! It was beautiful the moment I first saw it and still is. I estimate about 2500 hours of play time on this banjo with no problems except normal wear. The tone is wonderful. I can’t imagine any better sound. Mine is modified with gold plating which I believe has given the perfect sound I wanted. I am an amateur player for the love of the music and will play this banjo for the rest of my life. I enjoy and still play my previous banjos but this is a true instrument of music! What else is there to say.

This is a truly superior instrument, and even that is an understatement. It has taken me nearly ten years to make the decision to order a Huber banjo. Considering the fact that I live in California and would be ordering without having played a Huber, I was reluctant to make the investment. However, once I received the banjo and began playing it, I knew that made the right decision. The sound is like nothing I had ever played over a period of about fifty years.. the previous reviews said it all, so I won’t repeat their accurate observations. I have examined the instrument a number of times, with an eye for attention to detail. Perfection.
Thank you Steve and the Huber team!

Huber VRB-3 Truetone

A Sonny Osborne video led me to the name Huber. He said it has an amazing sustain. He was absolutely correct. This banjo Resonates… that is the sound.

I wanted that sustain so I could play classical, pop, blues, jazz as well as traditional bluegrass. This banjo does it all Beautifully.

The neck is exceptionally smooth, One could not ask for better action on the fretboard.

This is a professional quality instrument… A banjo can’t get any more “reel” than this instrument.

Thank you Steve Huber!

I wrote the review above and wish to add a grateful THANK YOU to EVERYONE at Huber Banjos. There is a common spirit of excellence and quality that shows in the workmanship of this instrument. So I am actually giving this instrument 10 stars to ALL at Huber Banjos.

Huber VRB-75 Truetone

This thing is fantastic. An absolute bluegrass bazooka straight out of the box. Steve includes a note about checking head-tension and bridge placement, etc, but I haven’t been able to stop playing it long enough to do that yet. I’ve been pining for a straight-ahead, bright, strong banjo and played one of these in a music shop in Missoula, MT and immediately fell in love. I spent countless hours on the Huber site listening to the sound clips of all the different models and would then go to youtube and continue to do the same, head over to Banjohangout and read all the reviews and I consistently found myself drawn to the VRB-75. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. Steve was very helpful in answering any and all of my questions and I’m thinking that this may very well be the last banjo I own. Time to call off the search.