Sammy Shelor Truetone


Sammy Shelor and Lonesome River Band are names long associated with the best in hard driving bluegrass. Sam was also the first of many top professional players to recognize that the tone, responsiveness and playability of the Huber Banjos was so similar to the old flatheads that he could leave his valuable pre-war at home and tour with a Huber – without sacrificing anything that he, or his audiences, demanded.

The Sammy Shelor model is a recreation of Sammy’s vintage 1930’s flathead. The neck and resonator are made from mahogany and the antiqued binding lends a vintage look to the banjo. The simple inlay pattern on the headstock and fingerboard are identical to Sammy’s old banjo. The pot is built using our Huber HR-30 tone ring and Huber Engineered Rim.

Sam had asked that this model be made with a custom, wider neck and a radiused fingerboard. This is the banjo that you see him play on stage with Lonesome River Band.



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