huber strap

Huber Strap


These fine, hand-crafted leather straps are available in black or brown, in two different lengths (54” or 60”). They are stamped with a traditional basketweave pattern and are 1.25” in width, tapering down to narrow, looped ends.

The Huber straps have no metal or plastic parts that might scratch the banjo in any way!



Banjo players are often concerned about security with their straps, fearing that if it comes loose, a valuable instrument could come crashing to the floor.

The Huber banjo straps attach in a semi-permanent manner. The loop at the strap end is stitched together and can not slip off or come loose while you are playing.


huber leather banjo straps









To attach the strap, you remove the resonator and loosen the bracket nut to which you wish to hook each end of the strap.

Then, you slide the hook down from the hoop, slide the strap end over the hook, replace the hook in the hoop notch and retighten the nut.



The Huber strap is available in two lengths (54” and 60”).

You can further adjust the strap’s functional length by attaching the strap ends to different bracket hooks to obtain the desired length.


huber leather banjo straps



The Huber strap is thin enough to allow them to fold alongside the banjo in the case.

These straps have no metal or plastic parts to break, or to scratch the banjo in any way.

huber leather banjo straps

Weight .5 lbs
Strap Length

54″, 60″

Strap Color

Black, Brown


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