All gold plating is done in the Huber shop. This way, we can control the look and quality of the parts and ensure a rich, consistent color.

You can take advantage of our experience and expertise when you need banjo your parts plated. We offer gold plating in either a shiny gloss or an antique, satin finish.

We can gold plate your banjo or your individual parts.

Any nickel plated Huber model can be upgraded to Gold.

Please call our shop, 615-264-4959, for more information, gold plating prices and lead times or send us a note using our contact form.






We have the machines and the expertise to handle any customizing or retrofitting you may need done to your banjo. Whether it’s fitting a tone ring or flange to an old prewar rim, retrofitting your banjo with a new Huber rim and ring or adjusting the fit of your ring, Steve can do it and do it right.

We can custom build a Huber tone ring to fit most any rim, or cut an existing rim to fit one of our rings. This includes cutting a raised-head rim to accept a flathead ring or we can build a raised-head-to-flathead conversion ring to fit your raised-head rim. Our conversion ring will be custom cut to fit your rim, with no modification to the rim itself. This both allows you to return the banjo to its original condition should you wish to do so, and preserves the value of the original rim.

If you are looking to install a Huber ring in your modern banjo, you can get the optimum value from the experience if you ship your rim to us to have a ring custom cut and fitted. Even some factory-built banjos will have minor deviations from the spec in their parts, but if you send a rim to Huber, we can guarantee a perfectly fitted ring.

Please call our shop, 615-264-4959, more information, prices and lead times or send us a note using our contact form.