Team Flathead CD
Nominated at IBMA as Instrumental Album Of The Year in 2004, Team Flathead was the first audio CD released by Huber Banjos. Originally envisioned primarily as a simple recording project to showcase the tone and responsiveness of the banjos, it grew into a major instrumental bluegrass release.
Team Flathead features Steve Huber, Sammy Shelor, Jim Mills, Ron Stewart, and John Lawless on banjo.


Cuppa ‘Jo CD
After the success of Team Flathead in 2004, we started getting regular questions about when a second Huber CD might be released. In making plans for a follow up, Steve Huber decided that the next project should not only showcase the banjos, but also some of the professional players who were using a Huber on stage and in the studio.



Team Flathead CD

Team Flathead was carefully produced, recorded, mixed and mastered with a single goal in mind – to replicate as accurately as the possible the natural acoustic tone of the Huber Banjos. Each banjo track was recorded with the same vintage Neumann microphone, and the mic placement and distance was identical for each player. No equalization was utilized during either the recording or mixing process, and compression was avoided during mastering.

The tunes were chosen to highlight the banjos as well, with familiar music and uncomplicated arrangements used throughout. A top-notch rhythm section was also assembled, with Kenny Smith on guitar, Alan Bibey on mandolin, Andy Todd on bass, and Ron Stewart doubling on fiddle.

Team Flathead is worth adding to your collection to hear these fine banjos – or just to enjoy some hard driving, Scruggs-style banjo picking!

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Cuppa ‘Jo CD

Cuppa ‘Jo was recorded in 2006 and features the banjo work of Jim Mills, Greg Cahill, Jason Burleson, Steve Dilling, Joey Cox, Cia Cherryholmes and Jason Davis. Each of the banjo players recorded with their personal instruments, on tunes of their own choosing.

The rhythm section is almost identical to the first release: Kenny Smith on guitar, Alan Bibey on mandolin, Ron Stewart on fiddle, and Alan Bartram on bass.

The material and arrangements are more varied, but the love for bluegrass banjos – and Huber Banjos – comes through on every track.


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