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Sunburst curly maple and engraved gold have long been hallmarks of exceptional banjos. The Lexington refines this tradition with a look all its own, and a sound that recalls the classic 1930’s flatheads


Both the neck and the resonator are made from flamed maple with a hand rubbed sunburst finished resonator. The flamed maple neck imparts a classic “Granada” sound to the Lexington, most reminiscent of legendary performers like Earl Scruggs and Sonny Osborne. The Lexington engraving pattern is unique to Huber Banjos and can be found on the arm rest, tension hoop and tailpiece.


All metal parts are plated in house with a heavy gold, giving the Lexington metal parts a deep, rich gold color. The pot is built using the Huber Engineered rim and the Huber HR-30 tone ring.



See Lexington Customizations

Listen to the Lexington


Rueben played by Jim Mills

Snow Flake Reel played by Greg Cahill



Beautiful highly-figured flame maple is used for all the Curly Maple models including the Lexington. Curly Maple is a great tone wood while also offering a very attractive visual appeal.

All our Curly Maple models, including the Lexington, feature a 5-ply resonator with a veneer of highly-figured flame maple on the back and sides.

Resonators are built by Steve’s dad, Jack Huber, in Lancaster PA.


The Standard Huber inlay pattern is used for the Lancaster, Kalamazoo, Roanoke and Lexington models. This pattern was designed by Steve Huber and his brother Dave, and has been in use since Huber Banjos’ inception. Dave Huber cuts all of the pearl on a CNC machine, and inlays all the necks. His care and attention to detail add substantially to the beauty of these fine instruments.


The headstock overlay is slightly more ornate on the Roanoke and Lexington models but the fingerboard patterns are the same on all four.


The nameplate inlay at the 21st fret is engraved with the name of our flagship model, the “Lexington”.

White/ Black/ White Binding

The binding along both the fingerboard and the resonator side walls is trimmed with a decorative strip of white/black/white.

Waverly V-2 Tuners

All of the Huber Banjos come with Waverly V-2 tuners installed. The V-2s work very well and closely approximate the look of those found on vintage banjos. The tapered underside of the peghead washer helps protect the headstock and the internal low-friction bushings help ensure smooth operation.

Rosewood Fingerboard

All stock models are made with a rosewood fingerboard.

Maple Bridge With Ebony Top

The Huber bridge is made of carefully selected maple and ebony and  is designed for tone, volume and clarity. String slots are cut with a custom-built slotting machine that produces the exact depth, spacing and angle every time.

The Huber bridge is also available as a separate accessory item order.

Huber HR-30 Tone Ring

The Huber HR-30 Tone Ring represents the pinnacle in prewar reproduction, measured in both tone and responsiveness. It was created after a year of analysis into the vibratory physics of more than a dozen pre war flathead rings, and further research into casting methods that could consistently reproduce a ring that closely matched our prewar standard.


The Huber Engineered Rim is the ultimate in tone and response, developed over a year of extensive scientific measurement and careful prototyping.

Dr. Jim Rae is the brains behind the Engineered Rim. Dr. Rae analyzed the vibrational physics and sonic output of prewar rims and used these numbers as the benchmark. Brian Sims worked with Dr. Rae in the prototyping and manufacturing of the Huber Engineered Rim.

Huber Head

Through a special arrangement with Remo, Huber installs a head on each new banjo that is manufactured to his custom specifications. Steve finds that they offer a superior tone to that of the stock Mylar heads offered for banjo.


These Huber heads can also be ordered as a separate, after-market accessory item.


Two-Way Adjustable Truss Rod

We use a two way adjustable truss rod in our necks. The two way rod allows for adjustments in both directions – you can add relief or reduce bow as needed.
The rod is accessible under the truss rod cover in the headstock, just behind the nut.

Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer Finish

For the Lexington, a golden brown stain is applied to the neck while the resonator receives a hand-rubbed shaded golden sunburst. This brings out the distinctive grain of the flaming maple, and gives the Lexington a memorable visual appeal.


All Huber banjos are finished with multiple layers of nitrocellulose lacquer, hand sanded between coats for a smooth appearance. They are then buffed to a high gloss with careful attention to detail at every step in the finishing.


The Lexington model is gold-plated, using 24K hard gold plate. All gold plating is done in the Huber shop where we can insure consistency of color and quality of the electroplate.


The Lexington is engraved on the Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece. The Lexington pattern was designed by Steve Huber and is exclusive to Huber banjos.


Like the storied pre wars which inspired them, most Huber Banjos have a Presto-style tailpiece installed during final assembly and set up. Steve feels that the lighter weight of this sort of tailpiece is best suited to the sound he is after.


The pot-metal flange we use in all Huber Banjos is custom machined in a process which allows for more solid contact between the flange and rim, resulting in better structural stability and tonal response.


On all our models, we use a brass notched tension hoop, plated to match the other metal parts.


We use plated steel rods to hold the neck onto the rim instead of the softer brass found in many new banjos. We chose steel rods since the older flatheads used them and, proving that no detail is too small, even the nuts and washers are exact pre war replicas!

Lined Hard- Shell Case

Each Huber banjo is shipped in its own plush lined hard shell case.  The top lid is arched for superior protection.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Every Huber Banjo is warranted to the original owner without time limit, often described as a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.”


Any defect in material or workmanship, except heads, strings and pegs will be repaired or replaced free of charge to the original owner, if returned to our factory, charges prepaid.


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2 reviews for The Lexington Truetone – $5,900

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill Long

    Yesterday was a fun day! Met with Steve Huber of Huber Banjo Co. in Hendersonville, TN, to take delivery of my new Huber Custom Lexington, set up to my specific preferences (I chose to go with antique nickel rather than gold hardware and Steve dialed in the perfect action for my style of picking). Steve is a delight to work with, is a consummate craftsman, a great banjo picker as well as builder, and just an all-around super guy. Thanks, Steve, for meeting me on a Saturday and spending the hours to make sure everything was perfect. Thanks also for listening to me play and giving me some very valuable tips on how to play and maintain a quality banjo like this one. This is one BEAUTIFUL piece of work – in looks, sound, and playability!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jerry Owenby

    Hi Steve,
    I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful Lexington Banjo. WOW !! is the only thing I can come up with!! The fit and finish and quality speaks for itself.

    I have owned several top end banjos over the years, but the sound and quality put in this Banjo is head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever had in my hands.

    For anyone looking to purchase a fist class banjo that has an unbelievable sound package, look no further, The smooth separation of notes as well as the ability to bring the house down is effortless! This thing does it all..

    I cannot thank Huber Banjo and Staff enough for the outstanding instrument you have provided me.

    Customer for Life!

    Jerry Owenby
    Asheville, NC

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