Huber VRB-5 Special


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One of a kind Huber special.  I made this banjo for my dad (Jack Huber) in 2008. My dad makes the resonators for Huber banjos.  One day, he decided he might try picking the banjo.  I showed him some pics of prewar Gibsons and asked him which one he liked the looks of. He liked the style 5 so that’s what I built him.  He tried to play it for a day or two then decided he’d rather just build resonators!  He kept it in the case for 8 years and now it’s for sale.


The walnut neck features a dark rosewood board with the Wreath inlay pattern, style 5 binding/marquetry, fiddle cut peg-head with triple dyed pear wood veneer and inlaid style 5 marquetry on the back.  The walnut resonator has matching style 5 binding/marquetry and the back is inlaid with concentric marquetry rings.


Hardware is gold plated and engraved with the style 5 pattern.  It also features a one piece flange, 3 ply maple rim and a  Huber “Vintage” tone ring.  Planet tuning pegs with pearl buttons round out the vintage vibe.


This new “old stock” banjer is a joy to play. The tone is fantastic and why wouldn’t it be…the set-up has been “settling in” for 8 years!


Black hardshell case and free ground shipping included.

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