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The perfect gift for any banjo player, instant tone improvement! We have bundled the Huber Banjo Head, a pack of 6 Huber Banjo String sets, and your choice of Huber Banjo Bridge. Use the dropdowns below to choose bridge shape, height, and spacing. 



Huber Head


The Huber/Remo 11 inch medium crown banjo head delivers tone, volume and clarity. 


During the 1970s, Remo was forced to modify the frosting that was applied to their heads in order to comply with evolving new environmental regulations. The resulting process applied a frosting that was thinner than before and serious and studious pickers were convinced that these new heads sounded differently as well.


Steve made arrangements with the company to manufacture a head for Huber with a slightly (.001″) thicker frosting. This new Huber/Remo head is very close to the older Remos that have been prized by banjo set up pros and aficionados.


These Huber/Remo heads are only available in a medium crown.


In most cases, the medium crown is recommended for flathead banjos as a high crown can bottom out in the neck cavity before reaching the desired tension. Medium crown heads are installed on all new Huber Banjos.

Huber Strings


These great strings are what we use on all the new Huber Banjos (and all other banjos for that matter). Sold as a pack of six. 


The gauge is perfect for great tone – not too light and not too heavy. The stainless steel wound 4th will bring out the “growl” in any banjo.


These strings are made of the highest quality steel, with a stainless steel wound 4th string, all loop ends.


Gauge – .010, .011, .0125, .020, .010

Huber Bridge


Nothing beats the old standby of maple and ebony when it comes to a banjo bridge. The “Grover® style” bridges have long been favored by owners of older banjos for the transparent tone they transmit. Steve made a few subtle refinements in the design and manufacture and the result is the Huber Banjo Bridge – the one installed on every new Huber banjo. 


The Huber Bridge is made from 50 to 100 year old maple by Bryan Sims, exclusively for Huber Banjos.


Choose Shape, Height, & Spacing

Additional information
Bridge Shape

Straight, Radius

Bridge Height

11/16", 21/32", 5/8"

Bridge Spacing

Crowe Spacing, Standard Spacing


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