1939 Gibson TB-75 Conversion with Prewar Flathead Ring



Serial Number:  EA-5337


Shipped on Oct. 18, 1939 as a raised head, this TB-75 is in near mint condition. Rim was cut and an original prewar heavy weight flathead tone ring was installed by Steve Huber. All nickel plated hardware is known to be original to the banjo including the one-piece flange and Granada engraved armrest. Original lacquer finish on rim and resonator.  Rim stamped with FON 532-8 and serial number EA-5337 chalked in resonator and stamped in the back of the tenor neck. Original pancake tuners installed on the Huber built mahogany 5-string neck. Presto tail piece has been punched. Excellent prewar tone and power.  Original tenor case, tenor neck and new hardshell 5-string case included.  $50,000.  Offers considered.


Call Steve Huber for more information or use the “Inquire” button below.  Serious inquires only please.  615-264-4959, cell-615-330-8366


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