Metal Engraving

You may choose among four hand engraved patterns for the metal parts on a custom Huber order or customized stock model. You can mix and match the patterns as you prefer. Any engraved stock model can be made with a different pattern, or an unengraved stock model can be engraved using one of these patterns. Our hand engraving is done by Master Engraver, Mr. Nick Kimmons.

Here is a list of engraved parts for each pattern.

Granada – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Huber Lexington – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Huber Deluxe – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Syle 6 “X” Pattern – Hoop, Armrest, Tailpiece, Flange and Tone Ring

Granada Pattern

Lexington Pattern

Huber Deluxe Pattern

Style 6 Pattern

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