Metal Engraving


You may choose among four hand engraved patterns for the metal parts on a custom Huber order or customized stock model. You can mix and match the patterns as you prefer. Any engraved stock model can be made with a different pattern, or an unengraved stock model can be engraved using one of these patterns. Our hand engraving is done by Master Engraver, Mr. Nick Kimmons.

Here is a list of engraved parts for each pattern.

Granada – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Huber Lexington – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Huber Deluxe – Hoop, Armrest and Tailpiece

Syle 6 “X” Pattern – Hoop, Armrest, Tailpiece, Flange and Tone Ring



Granada Pattern

Granada hoop, armrestback

Granada armrest top, TP 800x600


Huber Lexington Pattern

Lex armrest,tp, top

Lex Hoop 800x300


Huber Deluxe Pattern

Deluxe Hoop,AR 800x300

Deluxe AR,TP top 800x400


Style 6 Pattern

Style 6 hoop, gold 800x400


Style 6 gold AR,TP 800x400

Style 6 nickel 800x400