Fingerboard Material

Though rosewood is used for the fingerboard on all stock Huber models, ebony can be substituted as a custom option on any order, or as a part of a wholly custom banjo. Some players simply prefer the stark contrast between the darker ebony board and the pearl inlays.

Steve Huber chose rosewood primarily because he likes its appearance, and as an homage to the great pre-war flatheads which also customarily used rosewood fingerboards.

Ebony is a denser material, but Steve doesn’t feel that it has an appreciable effect on tone.

When customizing a stock Huber or creating your own one-of-kind custom Huber, there are several fingerboard options you may consider: inlays (headstock and board), fingerboard radius, the material from which the board is made, and a custom nameplate.

Like the neck and resonator options, you can mix and match any of these fingerboard inlays with any of the headstock patterns, even if they are not found together on a stock Huber model.

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