The Workhorse is a true professional-grade banjo at an affordable price. We are proud to say this banjo is built in our shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The Workhorse MG-3 features nickel plated hardware and a mahogany neck, creating the sweet, warm tone which defines the bluegrass sound. Two white/black/white concentric rings in the mahogany resonator contribute to the vintage vibe of this model.

The 844 tone ring used in every Workhorse is poured at the same foundry as our HR-30 ring and machined right here in the shop to the same pre-war specifications as all of our tone rings. The banjo has a classic 1930’s look (because we love pre-war banjos) with a double-cut peghead and our 1941 “leaves & bows” inlay pattern. The satin nitro-cellulose lacquer finish with natural mahogany stain creates a great look and feel.

Now, the Workhorse provides an entry-level, professional grade instrument that could become a lifetime banjo for our customer.




The Workhorse MG-3 uses high grade, quarter sawn Mahogany for the neck.

Matching the grain in the neck, our mahogany resonator has an overlay of straight grain mahogany, inlaid with twin concentric circles of white/black/white binding.

Resonators are built by Steve’s dad, Jack Huber, in Lancaster PA.

The “Workhorse” series banjos all have a classic 1930’s look (because we love pre-war banjos) with a double-cut peghead and the 1941 “leaves & bows” inlay pattern.

The nameplate inlay at the 21st fret is engraved “Workhorse”.

All of the Huber Banjos come with Waverly V-2 tuners installed. The V-2s work very well and closely approximate the look of those found on vintage banjos. The tapered underside of the peghead washer helps protect the headstock and the internal low-friction bushings help ensure smooth operation.

The Workhorse Series banjos feature an Ebony fingerboard.

The Huber bridge is made of carefully selected maple and designed for tone, volume and clarity. A special glue is used between the ebony and maple to ensure maximum vibrational transmission. String slots are cut with a custom-built slotting machine that produces the exact depth, spacing and angle every time.

As a part of the final assembly and set up process, Steve will try several bridges on each new banjo until he finds one that “agrees” with the tonal voice of the instrument.

The Huber bridge is also available as a separate accessory item order.

Our  “844′ Tone Ring is actually no stranger to the Huber shop. We have been making this tone ring and private labeling it to other builders for the past 12 years. It is an affordable bronze alloy that makes a great tone ring. The Workhorse banjos provides us, for the first time, the opportunity to offer this tone ring under the Huber brand.

Through a special arrangement with Remo, Huber installs a head on each new banjo that is manufactured to his custom specifications. Steve finds that they offer a superior tone to that of the stock Mylar heads offered for banjo.

These Huber heads can also be ordered as a separate, after-market accessory item.

The Huber “Vintage” Rim is manufactured from 3-plys of hard maple by Bryan Sims, exclusively for Huber Banjos. They are then turned to size and finished at the Huber shop.

In a deviation from the pre war specs, we use a two way adjustable truss rod in our necks. The two way rod allows for adjustments in both directions – you can add relief or reduce bow as needed.

The rod is accessible through a cavity in the headstock, just behind the nut.

Our “Workhorse MG-3” model is finished in a natural mahogany stain and satin lacquer.  The sides of the resonator and neck are bound in white binding.

Like the storied pre wars which inspired them, the “Workhorse” series banjos have a Presto-style tailpiece installed during final assembly and set up. we feel that the lighter weight of this sort of tailpiece is best suited to the sound he is after, and admires the simplicity of the design. It does the job and looks the part.

The pot-metal flange we use in all Huber Banjos is custom machined in a process which allows for more solid contact between the flange and rim, resulting in better structural stability and tonal response.

On all our models, we use a brass notched tension hoop, plated to match the other metal parts.

We use plated steel rods to hold the neck onto the rim instead of the softer brass found in many new banjos. We chose steel rods since the older flatheads used them and, proving that no detail is too small, even the nuts and washers are exact pre war replicas!

Each Huber banjo is shipped in its own plush lined hard shell case. These cases are made especially for Huber and to his specifications. The top lid is arched for superior protection and a comfortable leather handle is installed for ease of transport.

Every Huber Banjo is warranted to the original owner without time limit, often described as a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.”
Any defect in material or workmanship, except heads, strings and pegs will be repaired or replaced free of charge to the original owner, if returned to our factory, charges prepaid.


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